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Our Universal Series® Filter Housings are a Perfect Fit

Allegheny Bradford manufactures a wide variety of filter housings to meet your specifications and designed for use in a variety of industries including electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, dairy, beverage and chemical.

Our 226 Universal Series® Code 7 lock accepts most major cartridge brands. Housings with a removable cartridge plate are available from single-round to 256-rounds capacity.

ABC provides a wide variety of housing styles including: membrane; ceramic or metal media; 222; double open end (DOE); single open end (SOE); stacked disk, and many other custom designs. Best of all, they provide the advanced design, precision fabrication and superior quality of the industry's leading manufacturer - at very competitive pricing.

Opti-Clean® Multi-round Housings

Our Opti-Clean® multi-round housings give you unbeatable drainability, CIP cleanability, and product recovery. They are available in the above styles, with capacities from three to fifteen rounds.